Our Members

DCHEA is a support group for Christian families who feel called by God to educate their children at home; relating God’s Word throughout the scope and sequence of privately chosen curriculum.

The original founders of DCHEA realized there were many moral values that all home educating families have in common, even though religious convictions and curriculum choices differ.  They understood however that as Christians, it is our religious convictions that bind us together.  The freedom to share and live in accordance with these convictions during group activities is foundational to DCHEA as a Christian organization.  Due to this decision, the following criteria have been established for membership.

  1. Members have expressed a personal faith in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, as the only means of forgiveness of our sins.
  2. Members can express full acknowledgement and agreement with the Statement of Faith, Purpose, Mission and Bylaws that DCHEA and CHEA have endorsed.
  3. Members are home educating through private home schooling options:
    • (a) Independently  / Statement in Lieu of Affidavit,
    • (b) Filing a Private School Affidavit,
    • (c) enrolled in a Private School’s PSP,
    • (d) Other Private PSP

DCHEA is a local support group and is part of the statewide CHEA Support Network; therefore, follows CHEA’s position regarding public (government funded) school-at-home programs.

As a Christian organization for over 30 years, DCHEA’s purpose is to provide support for families who have a shared commitment to privately home educate their children.  It is DCHEA’s intent that this organization and all of its activities and publications be God-honoring as we represent Him to each other and to our community.


  • To provide information and help to families who are considering Christian, private home education.
  • To provide an educational and social context for our children with other families in the Christian, private home education movement.
  • To act as a support network for member families active in their roles as Christian, private home educators.

To join DCHEA, please see the “Become a Member” page on the title bar.