Generation Joshua

Dear DCHEA Families,

Generation Joshua’s Student Action Teams (SATs), supported by HSLDA Actions’s federal and state political action committees, provide young people practical hands on experience to go with their civics education by volunteering in political races on behalf of conservative, pro-life, pro-family candidates. This is an amazing opportunity offered by HSLDA for your family (ages 11- up).  All of your basic lodging and food costs will be covered.

Michelle Richardson, DCHEA Director


Election Day is just 11 days away!

Generation Joshua Student Action Teams will deploy from November 2–7 to volunteer for conservative candidates across the nation. We have the plans, we have the hotels, and we have the funding; but we still need 65 more volunteers.

Would you please consider being one of them?

If you’re wondering how much difference you’ll actually make, let me lay it out for you: we’ve had deployments where our candidates won by fewer votes than the number of people each GenJ volunteer talked to individually.

This means that if even one of the team members had not shown up, we likely would have lost.

Some things to remember:

  • Student Action Teams are open to all GenJ members (and their parents too!).
  • Your costs are covered.  We put you up in a hotel and provide meals, vehicles, leaders, and training (and in most cases, we’ll even book you a flight if there is not a deployment in your region!).
  • We’re working on some of the closest races in the country. This means we’re uniquely positioned to potentially be the deciding factor in multiple House and Senate elections.
  • Midterm elections chart a political course for the next few years. By volunteering on a SAT in 2018, you help to make a statement about the direction our nation needs to go in this election and the next.

We’re bringing a message of life, freedom, and justice to America this November. Will you help?

Email with any questions, and volunteer here today.